It's A Hawaii Thing | K-Pop Edition

Lanai & Brook learn the history and latest K-Pop trends with Business Mogal George Chung – CEO of Jungo TV with Top K-pop Channel Hallypop.

George is a former World Karate Champion pro athlete turned media executive. He started his career in martial arts, winning 5 world titles, was inducted to the Black Belt Hall of Fame, and spent 15 years at the SF 49ers as the first Martial Arts Coach to win a Super Bowl ring. George later moved to TV production specializing in multi-cultural media and has produced TV around the world with over 400 shows. Currently, George Chung is the CEO of Jungo TV, founded by himself and Dr. Oz. The company has launched 21 TV channels including HALLYPOP, the top K-pop channel in South East Asia, celebrating Asian Pop Culture.

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