Jacob Batalon Podcast - Local Boy Turned Spiderman’s Best Friend

This week we are excited to welcome local boy turned Spiderman’s best friend – Jacob Batalon! Born in Hawaii to Filipino parents, Jacob attended Damien High School in Kalihi. After moving to New York and studying acting he quickly made a name for himself in the Netflix movie North Woods. That led to the audition of a lifetime and he was cast as Ned Leeds in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Since then, he has appeared in different installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider Man and Avengers movies as Spiderman’s right-hand man. Jacob has also played roles in movies such as Every Day, Blood Fest, Night School, Let It Snow, and Banana Split. Tune in as Lanai & Brook hang out with Spiderman’s Best Friend! 

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  • Josh

    I read that Jacob has alopecia. My son (8 years old) was diagnosed with alopecia last year and has lost all of his hair. As parents,my wife and I, researched as much as we could and reached out to groups of parents asking the same questions we were. If there was a way to point Jacob to ChildrensAlopeciaProject.org and see all the great ways they help kids who struggle with this disease it would help a lot. Everyone likes to be represented and kids like to someone like them do great things. I think Jacob could be that person for these kids and show them that you can accomplish big things and not let this disease stop you.

  • Angelina Homack

    Hello my name is Angelina Homack and I would love to have a personal conversation of what expires you to be such a success and what keeps u going how u got into acting and all that fun stuff or a email back on how you got on your feet would be lovely

  • Jonathan Bonafe

    I have Fast and Furious spin off movie in mind with a Pinoy cast in mind. Anyway I can find some time to pitch it? Thanks for the time 🤙

  • Malia

    I love your vibes and that you’re from the islands like me! I hope i get to meet you one day, I’d love to have a conversation 🥰😌

  • Spidermonkeyartist

    Eyi¡!¡! One of my favorite actors is ascending and finally getting the attention he deserves! Mika’kada honos mayenpeit! Congrats for all the positive attention and you know you have made it as a character and actor when you have “x reader” fanfics dedicated to you when you arent even the lead. It just proves how lovable you are! Anyway, love from Nānākuli !

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